Acrylic Sneeze guard

Product details: Our clear acrylic sneeze guard protective device has become a useful product in this period. If you have not done sneezing prevention, this plexiglass panel will be the new decoration for your business, office,s or home. It can be used in various places, such as cafes, restaurants, schools, hotel receptions, office lobbies, spas, saloon and meeting rooms, physicians’ offices and patient rooms, health care centers, libraries, and art galleries.

  1. [Wide application]:- This product can be used to protect from viral and bacterial diseases when encountered. In addition, the transparent design does not hurt aesthetics, so that the key place for the sneeze must not be placed by customers.
  2. [High Quality]:– The plexiglass blowout cover has high impact resistance and is not easy to crack and corrode.The glass is made of acrylic material and the edges are smooth and unsharpened, safe to touch it.
  3. [High transparency]:- It is an ideal glass wall partition with the characteristics of harmless, biological and numeral protection, for personal and office space separation, for privacy conversation, library books and magazines exhibitions with simple structure.
  4. [Protect you and me]:– Your customers will be protected from the germ spreaders next to your product thanks to our plexiglass sneeze guard. It’s small, easy to install and offers the perfect solution for protecting your customers from viruses and colds.